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Sunday, 4 August 2013

A place for the blinkin' tupperware! - August 2013

A place for the blinkin' tupperware - July 2013

I don't know about you but I have a love-hate relationship with tupperware. It's very useful (of course) but storing it is a nightmare. It's alway falling out of the cupboard and seems to take creep until the whole cupboard is spewing tupperware! 

So I thought I'd store then in a box over the fridge, which is quite short for a fridge freezer. Again, the benefits of being tall! 

I wanted something durable that was going to last, which discounted cardboard.  However, as the fridge freezer is new I'm keen to make sure I don't scratch the top, which seemed to count out most of the wicker/seagrass baskets. But then I saw one with a lining and thought I could make my own outer lining to protect the fridge. So, I picked up a couple in Waitrose today (£8 each) I wanted two the same size so any of the sets wouldn't work. Here it is:

Then I got a quart of fabric from my fabric box and loosely went around each of the long sides, going through the fabric, through the basket weave, then along the inside and back out. Then I took the ends and gathered them in through the handle hole. Et voila! Took about 10 minutes and it's not the neatest job I've ever done on a project, but it was while madame is sleeping post swimming lesson and I wanted to share too. I'm telling myself it's 'rustic'. Right, going to see if I can fit the other one in while she's sleeping and before my folks come round! 

Bye for now...

UPDATE 2 - Yep - here it is:

UPDATED - I've completed all three now - I did a much better job on the second two so I think I'll have to redo the first one at some point!

All this ugliness hidden from site!