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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Lofty Heights - April 2013


Ok, so I'm aware that loft storage is not exactly rock'n'roll, but bare with me! 

Our house is a new build and the NHBC recommend not boarding a loft - but who wants to see suitcases, or throw out baby clothes when there might, one day, be a use for them? Not me. SO I spoke to my friendly neighbour Andrew and he mentioned LoftZone.

Basically you put risers onto the beams and then put beams across those risers and put the loftboard on top of those beams. This means that you don't squash down the insulation and keep a good airflow - so not impacting your insulation or heating bill. Good news right! 

You can see the boards are way above the insulation here:

I opted to put it down myself, but if you are less nimble/willing/have more money and sense than me, you can get them to install. I say that because hanging out in the loft with the itchy dust of the insulation and masks and gloves and goggles isn't particularly my idea of fun. Having said that it is a simple system and easy to install, just take your electric screwdriver along for the ride. It cost me £100 for 2.4m x 2.4m (although it didn't stick to square, I went oblong). LoftZone often have sales on, so if it's not urgent, it might be worth waiting.

I promise not to post anything so unpretty for a while now!