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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Banner for my baby - March 2013


I saw shanty-2-chic's banners and thought how cute it looked. I decided to soften the look for my baby girl's room (ok, point if you can guess her name!) by adding a boarder. So:

I used the free alphabet and printed out the letters I needed - and the heart. Then I used a glue roller dispenser thing (not the technical name!) I had left over from making my wedding invites to make strips of glue round the edges of the cut out triangles. I used this type of glue as I didn't want my paper puckering and drying funny.

Then I stuck them onto tea party (actual not political!) craft/scrapbooking paper as a backing as it was nice and thick. Two to a sheet worked fine. I tried very hard and successfully not to put them in a set repeat pattern but to mix up the backings a bit. That was the hardest part!!

Once those were then cut out - with a border about an inch thick - I sewed the top edges together. Then I blu-tac'ed the two end and one middle join to the wall. I got hubby to help me as I didn't want the stitches to rip the paper/card. Once they were in place I actually blu-tac'ed all the triangles to the wall - again to make sure there wasn't too much strain on the stitches. Stitching them together like that really was to make sure I got a natural looking drape to the banner.

I'm really pleased with how this turned out, although I've changed the location of the banner since this picture as I slowly start to sort her room out. They survived the move as well...