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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Flowers in the window - March 2013


This one is quite a simple one, I saw this on Pinterest...

...and thought it was cute, so I took one of my jars from the stash under the kitchen sink (some call it hoarding, but I only keep 5 at a time, for occasions such as this). I got out my trusty glue gun and some ribbon ( think it had come with some flowers after little one was born). 

First I put some glue from top to half way down the back of the jar in a strip. Then I put a longish strip of ribbon down it, leaving plenty of spare ribbon at the top for hanging onto the wall. Next I put glue around the neck of the jar, leaving about 1/5th clear at the front, and wrapped the ribbon around the jar and on to the glue. Finally I put two blobs of glue where i wanted the ribbon to end when it was crossed over. (see the picture and you'll know what I mean) and cut the ribbon at an angle.

Then I tied a loop in to top, stuck a pin in the wall and some flowers in the jar. Lush! This is just to the left of the kitchen sink and ideal for those few left over flowers that survive longer than the other in the bunch. It make a really quick, easy, quirky present too. I immediately made one for my Aunt, but just haven't given it to her yet. :/

Oh, and as a side note - I put these up on the other side of the window for a bit of balance.
In the days before I killed Abi's 
housewarming bonsai tree gift - oops.