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Monday, 6 May 2013

Lamp post - May 2013


First let me say... I love lamp. I love carpet.

So I was round my folks' one day and saw an old lamp was by the front door. I asked if they were throwing it out, and if so could I have it? Yep - it's just going to the dump. As my Mum said, she'd had it 35 years and had enough of it... hmmm. So it was an ugly fuggly lamp cos it was brass, and not very shiny, it looked dated. Anyway, I had some spray paint so 5 minutes work and I have a scrummy lamp. I grew up with it in the house so it's nice to give it a new lease of life, and to get a free lamp! 

Here it is in situ in the nicely-coming-together guest bedroom - it needs a new shade, but this is one I had lying around and will do for now.