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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Mug branch - April 2013


So, you've heard of a mug tree - now meet the mug branch!

I saw, in one of those long multiple idea pins on Pinterest (where else?!), a coat hook made from old door handles. I also had an overflowing mug shelf in my kitchen cabinet. Put the two together in my brain and you get this. My tree branch. I had three cool old cabinet handles and two hemnes handles from my old shoe rack, plus a plank of wood...

First I popped the old handles in some vinegar overnight (thanks for the tip Dad!), then got some wire wool on it the next morning to get as much of the vanish off as I could be bothered to. Then I painted them with enamel paint, expensive but I figure it'll help them stand up to wear and tear. I also painted the hemnes ones too.

I then spray painted the wooden strip (cos I'm so lazy) and left it to dry. When it was dry I drilled five holes to put the handles' fixings through. Nearly there! At this point I also painted a little fun pattern onto the wood in the enamel green paint, just to tie it all together.

Then I put three raw plugs in the wall and fixed it to the wall, before putting my five favourite mugs on there. (There's only four in the picture so you can get a proper look at my favourite upcycled handle. ;)