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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Heart-felt kids craft - March 2013


/\ See what I did there?

Ok, so this one was a combination of two pinterest pins - the paper heart chain and the felt heart garland. I used the technique fro the first, but using the felt strips - and kind of craft mash up from my mind!

I did this one with my step-daughter on a rainy day and we enjoyed working together on it. I got some 50p squares of felt from hobby craft, it's nice and thick, and then I cut it into strips (this was a bit boring and repetitive for her). Then we used staples to fix them together (see the first tutorial for how to do this). 

We mixed the colours up within her colour theme of red and cream (I talk about this in my post 'The first bedroom) and they worked out fine - until we let them hang in the air... their weight meant that they were, er, deformed! So I sewed a cast on stitch at the bottom join and then at each join all the way up, leaving the right length of thread between each stitch for the heart to hang to the right length. Does that make sense? If you open the picture and look really close you can see the thread.

Then to finish it off I sewed loops to the top of each string of hearts and popped them on another bit of wood I had (how many bits of wood can a girl have you're probably thinking - apparently a lot!). The I made a couple of loops for each end and just thumb tac'd them into the wall - those few thumb tacs left over from the 'Spend A Penny' project came in handy!!

Anyhooo - I'm glad we did it because we spent a fun couple of hours working on it and we're all happy with what we have to show for it.