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Monday, 6 May 2013

Hooked on ironing boards - May 2013


I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was a great solution to not have the ironing board fall over on me in the utility room, especially as little one grows up. Growing up my folks used elastic and a big hook to keep their on the wall, but thought this was cuter.

Obviously ironing boards are pretty heavy, so I took four raw plugs and popped them in the wall (the fifth place I wanted to put one had a stud behind it, so I could screw straight into that one). I drilled five corresponding holes into the wooden baton I had. Then got a bigger bit and drilled about .5cms down (I'll explain why in a moment). Then I fixed the baton to the wall and hid the screws by filling the holes with polyfilla. Then I painted it with white emulsion and had to wait 30 minutes for that to dry. The I took my two hooks (which I had planned to use as coat hooks in my old house but never got round to using) and screwed them into the baton. Simples!

So mine doesn't have the pretty frame around it, but I might add embellishments later on. Or maybe not as it's going to be hidden behind a curtain I'm planning to get to separate the utility from the kitchen (washing machines and driers are so noisy!