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Thursday, 30 May 2013

A nest for my nest - May 2013


So I have a super lovely friend who lives near Cambridge where there are loads of decent antique/second hand shops. So when I wanted a nest of tables I asked if she could pick me up a set and bring them down next time she was this way. Well bless her heart (and her eye for a bargain!) she came up with these little gems for £42:

(There are three but guess who forgot to take a photo before she got to work on table 1...)

OK, so they don't look like gems yet, more diamond in the rough, but wait...

1. Sand them down using 70 (coarse) sandpaper. I did a reasonably good job of it on the table legs and cross pieces - but I did a proper job on the top as that's the bit that gets the wear.

2. Don't forget the wipe them down. I actually used a feather duster first so my cloth didn't get too dirty.

Then I used these lil puppies:

3. First up was the coloured paint - my weapon of choice was 'Warm Grey' - it's the same colour as my Grey birds. I did it outside as I do with all my spray paint projects (brand new house + spray paint = tears before bedtime). I don't worry about the coverage being too thick as I wanted little bits of graining to come through.

4. Now leave them to dry for 24-48 hours. (24 in my case cos I'm way to impatient).

5. Then to finish it off and give the paint a bit of protection give it one coat of the super clear spray (same as I used for the decal project by the way). Wait for it to dry and then give in another coat, just for good measure.

I also sprayed the runners that you slide the smaller table into the bigger table on - I figured they would get a decent amount of wear and tear too.

And here they are:

I might take a better pic when they are fully dry and in situ, but I couldn't wait that long... check back in a couple of days if you're interested.

Next for the treatment is a lamp stand my mum gave me - then I think I'll call it a day on the grey - I don't want all the furniture the same colour - right?