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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Throne of Inheritance - April 2013


Ok, I'm really annoyed with myself for this. I SHOULD have taken a picture of this before it all started. I Inherited this chair from my Nan who passed several years ago, via my Dad who didn't want it. It was a cute chair, but typical of women of her generation, it was a dusky pink colour, not so cute. But I could see the potential in it. Also - because it's really comfy, but doesn't have any arms and is quite compact, it makes a perfect little nursing chair for my uber-long baby! :)

So - I saw a tutorial of a far more adventurous blogger who picks up furniture in 'yard sales' in the US, and then I saw this one, which really made me believe it could work. So I googled fabric spray paint and came up with this paint - Caribbean Blue. The spray cans cost £10 a pop, so I bought two hoping it would be enough. It wasn't, but I think if the colour had been lighter and wasn't velour it wouldn't have been so difficult to get good coverage. Here it is after two cans... the colour is still showing through...

Also you can see the tassels at the bottom. which looked a bit buddy-duddy. So I trimmed the little dangly bits off, but left the larger loops so that it had some simple trimming. Then, two additional cans of spray paint later... success!

I felt a bit bad for spending £40 on the spray paint, but I figure it's an heirloom and I probably would have spent double that on a chair for that room or had to go without. If only you could see the full transformation, I shall endeavour to get better at documenting progress!