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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Butterfly Lantern - May 2013


This was actually really simple. I did have to buy the butterfly craft punch (£10 from Hobbycraft) but I will use it again, and I could have cut out hearts instead.

This was actually inspired by... you guessed it, Pinterest. But thought it'd go really well in my step-daughter's room.

So, first, use the stamp (or hand cut a simpler shape) to cut out your butterflies, then colour them in with a sharpie. Finally - fold your butterfly either side of it's body section so the wings point up at an angle.

Here they are all finished:

Then I took a boring ikea lantern lampshade and glue gunned them to the shade, working from the bottom up in a random cluster pattern:

Then I hung the lantern in her room, I think they look ok... If I was doing it again I'd use a cream shade lantern, but oh well, some day I'll redo it!