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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Spend A Penny - March 2013


Right - time for one of my favourite projects now...

This one was inspired by some of the thumb tac artwork I've seen on pinterest - but the 'humour' is all my own!

This one started out as a bit of a headache. My downstairs toilet is unlike the other rooms in my house, which are all quite traditional. However, I wanted the little downstairs loo is super modern. The floors are black tiles, the tiles behind the wash basin are white with black and grey glass edging strips and the suite, of course, is white. I wanted an accent colour and settled on a fresh lime green colour. So I started out painting my canvas lime green and then writing in black over the top. Unfortunately it looked like a horrid henry witch's cavern sign. Horrid. Eugh.

So I painted it black with loads of paint it had a kinda textured surface which worked really nicely. But what next? I didn't have a clue. However, while nursing in the middle of the night, inspiration struck me... so I went and got 300 tacs from Hobbycraft for £1.

Then I printed out the letters on a piece of paper and started pinning over the top of them, like this:
okay, so it doesn't show it exactly, 
but I'm sure you can imagine it!

Then once I had completed it, I took a few pins out at a time and then lifted the paper up and reinserted them. The pin points aren't always dead centre of the circle cover, but you work it out with a bit of fiddling.

Once all the letters were done I lifted the canvas to vertical and got my glue gun on the back, making sure all of the pins had some glue on them to keep them in place - mainly so there were child friendly (for those who could reach).

I then took a couple of crate boxes 'd bought from Sainsbury's (set of 4 for £20) and added them above and below the canvas... It's just going to be a lime green towel for now then! ;)

By the way - the magazine holders you can see to the bottom left are Ikea ones, on a square frame for height, glued together and painted black. Always wanted a 'Where's Wally' type stash for my guests. :)
Might do a separate post on it later.