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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

And as for me and my house - May 2013


I'd been struggling with what to do with this canvas for a while. I wanted it to cover over the alarm panel in the hallway (the canvas is fixed to the wall with a hinge I had from the old house). I tried writing this with Sharpies but it looked rubbish - I think because there were too many words. So then I painted over it in white but the blue kept bleeding through. Grr!

This morning while my angel was asleep I painted over with a dark green (Promenade by Crown), and then went over it with a lighter green (a little of the left over Menthe from my Light up my life project) and a very dry brush. Then I just loosely brushed the Menthe to paint on the words. I love how rough n ready it is... hope the hubby does!

Oh - news just in from email - he likes! :) ...and that's my angel awake - bye!