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Friday, 26 July 2013

More than just a rail! July 2013

More than just a rail! July 2013

So to those of you with husbands who take pride in their appearance, you will understand the modern day challenges of wife vs hubby's clothes, or in a same sex relationship, or, frankly, you just own too many clothes (JB, you know who you are!). 

Space - for - clothes.

When we moved in we were so excited to double our storage. But in retrospect, hubby used up most of our old wardrobe for his pristinely ironed shirts (he's just bought a mega steam iron jobby, but that's another story!). So with a double wardrobe and a single one next to it (which we're going to keep full length), plus and over stairs cupboard for shoe (hello modern house planner who thought about storage!?! Wow.) We thought we were sorted. We were wrong. The builders had done the standard, one shelf at eye height and one rail below and it just wasn't going to cut it.

So... I thought I'd ask our friend and local carpenter to help us out. I had the vision, and he had the skills to execute properly (don't mess with clothing storage!). I guess I could have in the pre-baby days, but now I'd rather play with her than slave over such a project for a whole weekend.

I tried to explain to the hubster what was going on, he didn't quite get it but trusted me to proceed. So the idea is that one long rail from side to side would need a mid way support. Fine if you have the shelf above but as we were planning to lose that, I thought instead of a narrow set of shelves from MDF half way to be a bridge.

I'm very pleased to say it worked out really well, and after sending hubby out for more coat hangers (!!)... here's the end result.

I do appreciate that the top rails will only work for those blessed with our family height, but hey, there has to be some up side to people saying "You're so tall, why do you wear heels?" - right?! ;)

Sorry I didn't take before and after photos, but to be honest, I thought it wasn't going to be that interesting... but I'm silly excited about being able to hang almost everything, so thought I'd share.

Next one will be prettier. Promise.

Thanks Mark!