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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Roll Up! Roll Up!

I've (as you may have seen from my comments on Three green bottles, sitting on the wall...) been invited to have a stall at the local community centre, and I'm doing a table top sale too, so thought I'd better stock up on some things to sell. I've got a bunch of glassware products, I'm planning on making some fabric and paper bunting and then I saw these toilet roll holders on sale in a local shop and thought I could improve them with some decal designs. So... here they are.

As a reminder, decal uses special decal paper (inkjet or laser) and once printed you spray a couple of layers of acrylic clear spray varnish on them and when they dry wet the paper and slide the transfer onto the item. A full reminder here.

I was wondering - could you let me know your favourite projects in the comments section or email me, as I'd love to have an idea of what might sell at these fairs. Thanks!