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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Nesting time!

When I had my little girl we were in temporary accommodation waiting for our new build to be finished. This time of course we are in and settled so I get to nest for my baby. :)

It all started with the Raskog unit I bought from Ikea
I liked the colour, kind aqua but not cold. Also ideal for nappies and changing kit. 

I thought about chevrons, but really didn't want something that would make the medium sized room feel small. Then I was scrolling through our holiday snaps and saw this...

Haha! I thought. I've got my theme. 

So I drew the lighthouse freehand on the left hand side of the wall.

And then bought 4 sample tester pots (on buy one get one free) and mixed the three with white emulsion I had in my reserves to paint the sky. Then I painted the lighthouse in stripes and then used other tester pot leftovers to do the grass, sheep and the sea. Basically the whole thing cost £3!!!

Here's the finished lighthouse

The birds are cartoon birds I sourced online and printed on transparent stickers, cut them out and stuck them up!

Next I got to work on the black metal edged mirror we brought from the old house, originally from ikea years ago, and painted it up with some rustoleum duck egg blue paint. It took three coats, but well worth it I think. 
  (As you can see I remembered the before photo just in time!)
And here it is:

Oh, and I painted the inner panels of the ikea wardrobe door in the sky colour. Y'know, just because. It's only emulsion, so I can wipe it off one day if I want to. 

Really want to paint the black double bed and the side of the wardrobe, but think I'm going to have to pick my battles!

So far it's probably cost me £4 (in stickers and paint) as I had so much of it already or was upcycling stuff I already had.

Just need the baby to put in it now... ;)