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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Inheritance hooks

OK, I'm a weak woman and I did this ickle bit of DIY… but so light and easy I figured it'd be ok?

So my Nannah gave me some old silver coated spoons when I first set up house. She's moved on to a better place now and I wanted to do something with them that would have them on display. Having checked with my Mum that she would be ok with me bending them I thought I'd use them to hang my favourite implements on. I know the hooks aren't evenly spaced but I wanted them to look a bit rough and homely, I have a tendency to want things evenly spaced, so challenged myself not to on this one.

Here's the solution that I came up with:

  1. Get a short length of wood.
  2. Paint it if you want to, and paint the spoons if they're not lovely old ones like mine.
  3. Drill 6 holes in pairs, about .7cm apart.
  4. Feed the string through, back to front, then front to back and repeat, tie at one end.
  5. Get your spoons and some pliers, bend the spoon about half way along the handle using the edge of the pliers, until there is about a 30 degree angle on it.
  6. Then move the pliers down about 1 cm and repeat.
  7. Bend to double up the spoon with your fingers for the last bit.
  8. Feed the Spoon handles through the loops on the front until it hits where the spoon handle ends and the spoon shape begins.
  9. Tighten the string and tie the other end off.
  10. Position where you want the wood on the wall.
  11. Drill (I used a 3.5mm bit) through the wood at each end and into the wall.
  12. Take the wood off the wall and drill a hole for the raw plug, assuming you're going into plasterboard ( used a 6mm bit for this and light fixture and fitting plastic plasterboard raw plug).
  13. Pop your raw plug in. 
  14. Screw through the wood and into the raw plug with a screw.