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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Don't spend a *sheet load* on sheets

This is a real simple blog post, but sometime the simple ones are the best so thought I'd write.

My 21 month old loves our duvet. At snuggle time in the morning she'll say "Cover Cas-sarah Mummy" (Please cover Cassandra, Mummy)

I asked her this morning if she would like her own pillow and duvet and she said yes - very excitedly. The thing is, I'm not sure how much longer she'll be in a cot bed - probably a year. I didn't want to buy cot bed duvet covers for her room and then chuck them out after a year. 

I also noticed that although they're smaller, cot bed duvet sets seem more expensive (around £20) than standard singles (often under £10). Go figure.

So, I bought a full sized single duvet cover, turned it inside out and placed the duvet inside, centring at the bottom in the middle of the buttoned opening. Then I used just a single line stitch on the sewing machine and sewed down each side of the duvet (the reverse pattern had stripes so this was dead easy) then sewed across the top of the duvet. (Make sure not to sew the duvet to the cover!)

So now when she moves up to an adult single duvet, I just need to unpick three lines of stitching.


(Duvet and pillowcase was £11 from Tesco and will fit in with her elephant curtains)