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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Dining room panelling

Following my recent mega-project in the Lounge, I wanted something similar but (much!) simpler in my dining room. And here it is (excuse the pano shot):

It was dead simple to do, and didn't take more than 5hours in total. The skirting cost about £20 for two lengths, and the strip wood about £13, filler around £4 - so as I had the paint and screws already it all cost just under £37 all in. 

Here's my simple 6-step guide to how I did it:

1. I needed to square of the skirting board as I couldn't be bothered to chisel away the shaped edge. So I bought two lengths of board of the same depth and screwed them onto the existing boarding upside down and the wrong way up. Or to be more specific, I countersunk screws having pre-drilled pilot holes in both the new and existing board to prevent splitting the wood. I used 1" screws.

2.  Then I cut four strips of plained wood (45mmx18mmx1800) in half and screwed them into the wall (no raw plugs as they aren't taking any weight, and I was feeling lazy) 33cms apart (just because that looks about right for the gaps I had). Incidentally, I centred(ish) the middle of one of the 'panel' sections on the corner.

3.  I then added a baton, same dimensions as the rest of it but a little longer - 2400mm as that meant no joins) and added it to the top of the strips on the wall. I had some gaps as I wanted it level, but it worked out really well as the floor is very flat. (I know that sounds obvious, but you'd be surprised).

4.  I then filled in all the gaps including:
  • countersunk holes in the timber
  • behind the new skirting board to fill the gap (took a whole pot of filler!)
  • the small gaps between the wall and the top strip
  • the small gaps between the uprights and the top strip

5. I primed the wood with an all purpose primer and had to wait 24 hours to wait for it to dry - grr.

6.  I added a couple of coats of paint from the bedroom project I'd done upstairs (a lot of mileage out of a £10 pot of paint!) and I was AMAZED how well it matched my dresser! :) RESULT. Remember if I can help you out with advice on a similar project, email me at okidokeyolatoke@gmail.com. And don't forget to check my shop page if you are looking for a truly unique gift for a loved one.